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maintenance contract for your engraving machine

Maintenance contract

Request a service contact with Gravograph by Gravotech and let us take care of your investment. Call us today 1-800-843-7637.

Three Types of Plans to Meet All Engraving Needs and Budgets

Do you rely on your engraver to make money? Is downtime a major concern? 

Answer: The Gravograph Silver Plan: Pay-One-Price. Protect your business from downtime and lost revenue with our Silver full-protection plan. This plan covers travel, labor, and all parts except belts. When you carry this plan, if there is a catastrophic failure of your engraving machine, you know you’re covered and will not be left with an expensive repair bill. Parts are shipped 2nd-day air. On-site visits are included and on-site preventive maintenance tune-up is available at discounted prices.

Don't need a technician? 

Answer: Gravograph Bronze Protection: The Handyman Plan. Save some money and buy the parts-only Bronze protection plan. Receive any parts you need, so you can use your own talents to keep your company engraving. All parts are included except belts. Parts are shipped 2nd-day air.

Want to be protected? Can't pay the full price up front?

Answer: The Gravograph 50/50 Protection Plan: Full Protection with Less Risk. The 50/50 plan covers all parts, travel, and labor on your engraving machine. You pay 50% of the plan price upon sign up. You pay the second 50% of the contract and save the cost of parts and on-site visits for the remainder of the year. So if you don’t need support, you save money. If you do need support you still save money. Simple as that.

Plan Renewal

To further stand by our commitment, Gravograph provides protection plans to customers for periods after the Standard  Factory Warranty expires. Standard is a 2-year warranty: 1st year Silver, 2nd Year Bronze with the exception of M10's where we only offer Bronze. These plans will renew at current rates prior to the end of the plan period. Renewal invoices that are not paid will be automatically credited, and the Plan will be canceled at the end of the period.

If coverage on an Engraver lapses for a period of 30 calendar days or more, the Engraver must be inspected before Gravograph will provide coverage on the Equipment again. This is accomplished by having a Tune-Up Special service done on the machine. If any repairs are needed, the parts and labor must be completed at billable rates, before it will be certified to be placed under coverage again. Please call 1-800-843-7637 for Tune-Up prices and Billable Repair rates. This is also a great way for new owners of equipment not purchased directly from Gravograph to receive service from us. 

We will come to you for repairs.

One of our most successful services, we will repair your computerized Mechanical and Laser Engraving machines at your location or at our Duluth, GA facility. Call for more information 1-800-843-7637!


Customer Testimonials:

"Your customer service is excellent and I was always able to get all the help I needed. My only advice would be to continue to help individuals and build such close relationships with your customers. To me, it made a world of difference!"
Owner, D. Lefebvre at Stylos Lefebvre

Four Steps To Sign For a Contract:

Step 1 - Choose & Price

Please review Protection Plan Options to the left, then call our Technical Support team at 1.800.634.6335 to discuss which plan fits your needs and budget.

Step 2 - Sign Up

Fill out the service agreement form:

Service Agreement Form

Step 3 - Ts & Cs

Review the Terms and Conditions Document (PDF form) and sign

Terms and Conditions

Step 4 - Agreement

Return the signed Agreement and Terms and Conditions by any method below:

Fax: 770-495-3668



If you have any special needs that you would like to discuss with our Protection Plan Warranty Administrator please contact 1-800-843-7637 (select option 4, then select option 5). 

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