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Fiber Laser Engraving

The laser generates high-quality permanent coding on each part without affecting the functionality (1D and 2D codes, text, logos, optical characters, etc). Gravotech offers a complete solution integrating marking and automatic camera verification to track each part throughout its production process up to its maintenance

Ultra-compact and robust, it is the fiber solution that is fully PPC (program-to-program communication) compatible and is easily integrated into any manufacturing process.

The Auto-focus module automatically adjusts the focal length required without calibration or waiting time:

- Guarantee optimal marking regardless of the flatness of the parts or their shape.

- With an exceptional range up to 4.72’’ (120mm), it absorbs level differences over a series of parts.


For marking on multiple levels and inclined surfaces are equipped with a unique system to adapt to the

marking surface instantaneously:

- No deformation of the marked characters

- Uniform contrast over the entire engraving area

- Multiple markings on a single part at different levels