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IS Series solution

The IS Series of rotary engraving machines are known worldwide for their durability and precision. Whether you are engraving delicate materials, fabricating signage, or marking industrial parts for traceability, the Gravograph IS Series will help your business grow. Designed for engraving and manufacturing, the applications are endless, leaving you and your business ready for more.

The Gravograph IS200 is a compact engraving machine designed to work with small to medium sized objects. With an 8.8 "x 3.1" engraving area, the IS200 is a great introductory machine for any business.

The Gravograph IS400 is our most popular machine. With an engraving area of ​​12 "x 8.2", you can easily create a large number of items. Personalization becomes simple with the red laser pointer. With this function, you can easily designate your engraving and engrave items with little engraving knowledge.

The Gravograph IS400 Volume is a slightly varied version of the previously mentioned IS400. It has all of the same capabilities and  more. The IS400 Design Volume features complete access for easy loading and unloading of the objects being engraved. A motorized lifting system makes switching from the engraving on flat materials to cylindrical objects simple and fast.

The Gravograph IS900 features the iQ + Terrain Follower: exclusive technology ensuring accurate engraving on any terrain, even non-flat surfaces. The iQ + Terrain Follower Compensation for variations in engraving area so you do not need to. With a generous engraving area of ​​17 "x 25", the IS900 leaves your business open to new opportunities.