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Plastic materials for mechanical engraving

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Plastic engraving sheets have been a long-time partner to the rotary engraving machine. Be sure to use the best product by starting with the best raw materials. Gravograph rotary engraving material can be custom colored and cut to meet your exact needs. But, our wide range of materials, colors and brands are sure to have what you are looking for.

Gravoply ™ 1 is one of our longest and most popular economic material. The smooth satin finish makes this very popular product scratch resistant.

Gravoply ™ 3C is a unique 3ply product. Gain another color in your engraving stock without the need for coloring or paint filling.

Gravofoil ™ is a paper thin, PVC based material that is very flexible. This material is great for industrial signage and permanent labels.

Gravoglas ™ 2-Plex ™ Surface is a DR Acrylic based product that has both indoor and outdoor capabilities. This product uses typical surface engraving methods

Gravoglas ™ 2-Plex ™ Subsurface has the same composition and resistance as Gravoply 2-plex surface with one difference. It uses reverse or subsurface engraving to produce a smooth, tamperproof surface.

Gravotac ™ is a popular product for producing ADA Braille signage. Simply use 2 pieces of Gravotac material and you can have an ADA compliant sign in 5 simple steps. 

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