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Custom cutting and transformation

Do you need items that are ready to engrave? Explore our sample badges, key rings, animal tags, ornamental plaques, electrical tags, signs for industry, identification signs and safety signs.
We will manufacture them tailored to your needs.

Custom cutting and processing
Custom cutting and processing
Here is an example of cutting to customer specifications that we can produce for you
Here is an example of cutting to customer specifications that we can produce for you
Customized cutting of various shapes
Customized cutting of various shapes
Custom cutting and processing
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    On the basis of your specific needs, we can cut and transform a wide range of metals and plastics. Whatever the size of your plaque, small sign and large-scale signage, we can provide a personalized, precise service. 

    The research and development strategy we apply to our production service means we can satisfy every last one of your needs.

    The quality of our service and our delivery is unparalleled. We can satisfy 90% of your requirements in just 24 hours for orders of between 10 and 1000 units. For larger quantities, please contact your local Gravograph dealer for more information.

    Our added value is clear, and we can offer you:

    Custom cutting

    A large number of our plaques and signs use regulatory standard formats. The excellent quality of our machines enables us to offer very high precision cutting: +/- 0.1 mm on a 2 mm cut.

    Cutting to specification, panel with concave corners Cutting to specification, blank circular bases Cutting to specification, cutting out Cutting to specification, blank oval bases
    Concave corner panels Blank circular supports Cut Blank oval supports



    bevelling To get more elaborate edges to your plaques, we offer a bevelling service to finish your plaque (45° or 90°). The angle you choose also enables easier insertion of the plaque into a support and guarantees smooth implementation.

    Drilling holes

    hole drilling

    To facilitate the fixing of plastic and metallic items. The holes are positioned in accordance with your specifications.

    To measure the holes, follow the example set out below:

    1. From the centre of the hole to the centre of another hole.
    2. From the centre of the hole to the top edge of the plaque.
    3. From the centre of the hole to the side edge of the plaque.
    4. Diameter of each hole to be drilled (enabling them to be fixed to a countersunk head using screws)

    Rounded and concave corners

    rounded and concave corners Different rounded corners radii are available to adapt your plaque to your fixing or insertion needs.


    bending Plastic materials (except phenolic matrials) can be bent to create totems, badges, etc. The maximum length for bending is 500 mm (20").




    For the simple installation of your finished products on flat surfaces, we can apply an adhesive film to the back of your plaques and signs. Different adhesive strengths are available: 467 MP and 468 MP.



    For the temporary fixing of labels on metal shelves, we can apply a magnetic coat to the back of plaques, tapes and sheets.



    We can custom make badges from plastic or brass. You simply need to specify the shape, the size and the material, rounded or square corners and whether the edges are bevelled or not.


    Hot stamping/screen printing/digital printing


    To add a color logo or inscription to the badges. identification signs etc.

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Custom cutting and transformation

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