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WeLase, compact laser engraving machine

The New WeLase, compact laser engraving machine


WeLase, compact laser engraving machine-Everyone * Everywhere * Everything

WeLase, laser engraving machine

The WeLase is perfect for engraving and can be used with little or no training. It is Compact, Simple, and Versatile. You will no longer have to choose between performance and practicality.


This laser engraving station will be your partner in your workshop or your company.



Easy setup, Easy installation, just plug it in and you are ready to engrave!

The WeLase offers several stand-alone configurations for all types of objects.

 - Use the preview mode for the exact simulation of the location of engraving using the red pointer.

- Use the automatic mode, and there are no adjustments needed to enter the height of objects in software.

- Last step to do is use the manual adjustment of the working distance with visual cues.

We are not only offering a unique visual of the object being engraved, but also the best possible protection. The door is equipped with a sensor. No engraving will begin if it is not properly sealed and then the laser switches off automatically if the door opens.

Safely watch your item being engraved!

We offer a wide range of software to suit your expertise, and your needs. We have Gravotouch and ABC Catalog for beginners, ABC for beginners, Gravostyle ™   for experts, and Lasertrace for industrial traceability.


Our software has both graphic design and steering tools, a unique combination that facilitates laser engraving, the use of machinery and the creative possibilities. Engraving logos, photos, vector files, 2D codes and so much more. Everything is possible!



This laser engraving machine is also compatible with "printing" Print and Engrave!



Animation shop

The sleek and compact design of the machine allows it to blend into any environment, from workshops to large luxury boutiques.

With 3 large windows that allow 180 degree viewing, interior and exterior LED lighting and an optional camera for a live broadcast on a screen, the engraving of the object becomes the highlight of a technology show your customers can enjoy safely.

Built to Last

The screen on the WeLase provides easy access to services and machine settings. With regular updates and diagnostics performed by our team of experts, you are guaranteed to always have a powerful machine, wherever you are.

This machine benefits from the expertise and excellence that has contributed to the success of Gravograph for over 80 years. We design tools for advanced technology with the highest quality standards. Our machines are reliable, rugged, and designed to last.



Available in 4 technologies, we can create perfect marks on all materials. Mark a message on the inside of a ring, a logo on a baseball, a drawing on a perfume bottle, a name on a knife, or 2D codes on industrial nameplates. Anything is possible!

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