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Start Your Own Business in Engraving!


Ready to start or your engraving business? Here's a few tips from Gravograph (Gravotech Group)

There is probably no such low investment business with such a high success rate.

Sales opportunities everywhere

Look around. There is a retailer, institution, company, club or organization that does not use engraved signs, badges, nameplates, trophies, jewelry, personal or corporate gifts. And they would use more if they knew where to get them. The market is vast!

Very modest investment

Some businesses require $25,000 to $100,000 to start. Others that require a very small price. But engraving is unique. It is the professional business that you can enter for under $10,000.

Little space and inexpensive facilities

Most engravers start working right out of their home. Until the business grows, there is no need for any business or overhead.

Engraving is simple to learn

An inexperienced person who has never had a good time.

Engraving is everywhere

Engraving personalizes, identified, informs and direct. Engraving applications are wide-ranging and offer many opportunities to generate sales and profits.

Initial recapture investment quickly

By selling just the high demand materials offered in the starter package, you can plan on getting your entire initial investment back. In other words, you've paid for your engraving machine. Your initial engagement involves the lowest possible risk.

Getting started is easy

All you have to do is make people aware of your engraving service. It's not so much selling as it is informing. 

Start part-time

Many enter the engraving business on a part-time basis. You do not have to quit your job to start your business. With engraving you can produce and sell items on a part-time basis first and build a full time business quickly.

Unlimited earning potential

The business is everywhere and engraving adds value up to 300% or more. There is no limit to what can an engraver earn.

Entrepreneur's business

Because engraved items are personal, the engraving business is a local business of the province of small, successful business people. There is little or no competition from large corporations and therefore the odds for success are high.

A professional business

An engraver commands an enviable reputation for being "a professional" and "an artist." They are proud and take enormous satisfaction in presenting the personalized service they can provide. Your beautiful high quality work produces a feeling of both pride and creative satisfaction.

As the world's largest source of engraving and engraving materials, Gravographs were most often used in their business.

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