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Educational engraving


Gravotech USA is committed to developing student’s skills and helping them prepare for their future.

Engraving machines are a beneficial to the classroom environment by furthering Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) classes. By offering hands-on interaction with a laser or rotary engraving machines, students can develop valuable trade skills for mechanical CNC operation, laser technology advancement and 3D designing skills. 


While building valuable trade skills, the students can benefit the school by fabricating the building signage and personalizing trophies and awards for academic and sporting events. By moving these activities in-house, institutions can reallocate funds to other areas of the school. It also gives the students pride in their school for the effort they put forth fabricating these items. Trophies, awards, ADA Braille signage, nameplates, badges, and more can be created in-house, saving your school precious money.


Another internal benefit of laser or rotary engraving machines is inventory security. Laser and rotary machines offer a rare opportunity to permanently mark equipment with serial numbers or school logos. This deters theft and keeps school resources available for future generations such as laptops, tablets, beakers, shop equipment and more.


Gravotech understands the strict budget and time constraints of schools and universities. Software licensing packages are available to allow multiple students and computers to be operated simultaneously. Another benefit of Gravotech is the one-stop-shop availability. Avoid working with multiple vendors and simplify all machine, supply and material needs by purchasing from one source.


For more information about engraving machines for schools and universities, contact our Atlanta, GA office and receive a free demo.


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