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Trophy and Award engraving

Engraving of labels for trophies
Engraving of labels for trophies
Engraving onto a cup of a sponsor's logo or the name of an event
Engraving onto a cup of a sponsor's logo or the name of an event
Laser marking on a glass or acrylic trophy
Laser marking on a glass or acrylic trophy
Engraving of a message of acknowledgement or gratitude on a plate
Engraving of a message of acknowledgement or gratitude on a plate
Engraving of labels for trophies

Client needs

The trophy and award manufacturing industry is a longtime partner of the engraving world. Engraved awards can be made from crystal, glass, acrylic, wood, metal, and more. Be sure to have the best equipment to meet every customer's need. Gravograph and laser engraving machines can engrave a wide range of materials and produce high-quality awards.

Along with the machines, Gravograph manufactures the material necessary to fabricate some of the most popular awards. Wooden plates are often used as a base and layered with engraved metal or plastic labels. Another popular award is the acrylic award. Beautiful and more sustainable, these awards can be surface or subsurface engraved. A laser machine can further enhance acrylic and wooden awards by engraving high-resolution photographs. A sought-after feature of Gravograph machines.

Gravograph is a true one-stop-shop for both beginner and professional engravers. 

Plaque Metallex collée sur socle en marbre de trophée
Trophée réalisé avec la solution Print&Cut
 Metallex ™ flat glued to the marble hand of a cup Trophy made with the Print & Cut on an acrylic plate

Engraving plates for your cups, medals and other awards needs:

  • Engravable material like Metallex ™  Gold Trophy Brass ™
  • Rotary engraving machines made to suit unit engraving ( M range ) or series engraving ( IS range )
  • A variety of fonts, symbols, and pictures optimized for a high-quality finish and efficient engraving time (productivity).  

Draw, cut and engrave unique trophies!

For all your trophies made using cut, printed and engraved plates, which are then assembled ...
The Print & Cut solution combines color printing and precision laser cutting with the LS range.

For your trophies with bas-relief,  Gravostyle ™ software allows you to create and to use engraving machines.

Solution proposed

Gravograph provides trophy designed professionally with: 

CNC rotary engraving and cutting machines

  • Trophy, medal and cup plate customization
  • Engraving is possible at the event rental
  • Our solutions are used by the biggest sports chains

CNC laser machines:

  • Series cup plate engraving
  • Acrylic trophy marking
  • Trophy cutting and production

Consumables and accessories :

  • Ready to engrave plates and medals
  • Coloring tools like wax crayons
  • Sharpened cutters to guarantee quality engraving
  • Chip collector to keep the work area clean
  • Different soft jaws and vices to secure objects in place

Client benefits

One stop shop for all your awards and trophies engraving needs!

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Trophy and Award engraving

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