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Laser Cutting and Engraving for Textiles

Laser cutting for textile creation
Laser cutting for textile creation
Laser cutting for making leather goods
Laser cutting for making leather goods
Customization of hiking boots
Customization of hiking boots
Customizing a T-Shirt
Customizing a T-Shirt
Laser engraving for customizing tote-bags
Laser engraving for customizing tote-bags
Marking on your fabrics
Marking on your fabrics
Create patterns on your fabric with laser cutting
Create patterns on your fabric with laser cutting
Laser cutting for textile creation

Client needs

Are you looking to personalize  your products?

Our laser engraving and cutting machines meet these needs.


Discover our CO² and laser cutting machines for textiles and fabrics  

We are specifically aimed at professionals:


Engraving clothes Engraving curtains Engraving Decoration Engraving for Advertisements Dressmaking Education
Clothing Curtains Decoration Advertising Arts and Crafts Education (schools, universities)

Initially reserved for high-fashion, laser cutting for textile  is now usable by any type of professional, and on many materials.

Solution proposed

Gravograph brings you its mastery and expertise in all  laser cutting and engraving methods.


Thanks to its experience, the Gravograph brand is constantly innovating and presenting the  LS900 EDGE! A true innovation, this dual-source laser will cut textile using the CO2 laser, and engrave the metal parts of your garment using its laser fiber. Two-in-one, the LS900 EDGE switches autonomously between the two laser technologies, it does the rest!


Client benefits

Precise and accessible textile engraving and cutting

Gravograph's CO2 laser machine technology will allow you to cut any type of textile with clean edges, regardless of its size! From single parts to a series, the laser cuts and engravings made by our machines are accurate and of high quality.

Laser cutting of textile


Laser cutting on textile is not a problem for you.

Laser technology will allow you to reproduce lace to perfection, to cut flocking gold patterns on your creations with great precision. Indeed, the laser beam produces the final product with clean and unraveling edges. The result of a laser cutting is perfect and perfect!

This solution is also very popular with textile professionals for its speed of execution.

Laser engraving of textile 


As with cutting, laser engraving does not apply Any pressure on the textile which Prevents Them from Deforming. 

This technique will allow you to create high quality finishes with relief effects, and customize clothing and other fabric products (ribbon, household linens). Customization opens up very interesting market Opportunities with engraving shirt and will allow you to position yourself is highly engraving fashion accessories Such as leather  items.


The Gravograph  LS900  and  LS1000XP  laser machines have large work surfaces and therefore allow the engraving and laser cutting of large fabrics. Their high quality CO2 laser beam provides an optimal trace fineness.


With our Gravostyle ™ software included with our laser engraving machines, your design capabilities become almost infinite on a wide range of materials:

  • Organic fabrics (cotton, linen)
  • Satin
  • Nylon
  • Felt pen
  • Jeans
  • Viscose
  • Lace
  • Silk






Cutting fabric for textiles

Laser cutting for handbag creation



Custom t-shirt with laser marking

Customizing jeans

Why choose a Gravograph solution?

Our engraving and cutting specialists are your ideal solution for your projects.


Feel free to contact them 


Gravograph, expert in historical engraving

A world reference in the engraving industry since 1950, Gravograph develops complete solutions, technical support and advice: machinery and software, consumables, engraving accessories ...

Ergonomic and accessible solutions

Gravograph uses its know-how for the benefit of the  simplicity of engraving. Our machines offer real ease of use while improving programming and positioning of jobs, and therefore the performance of our laser engraving solutions.

A culture of high-performance engineering technologies

Gravograph strives to develop premium quality machines  without neglecting finishing and aesthetics. We are dedicated to providing you with long-term solutions.

With Gravograph, you have the choice

A world leader in engraving and marking , Gravograph offers two engraving technologies : laser or rotary. Our specialists are at your disposal to guide you to the right technology .

Gravograph - Gravotech Benefits


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