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POP Displays and sign engraving

Cutting of metal signs
Cutting of metal signs
Engraving on metal plates
Engraving of metal plates
Cutting and machining of acrylic for displays
Cutting and machining of acrylic for displays
Laser or mechanical cutting machines and materials for outdoor signage
Laser or mechanical cutting machines and materials for outdoor signage
Outdoor plaques
Outdoor plaques
Cutting adjusted after printing for the manufacture of point-of-sale materials
Cutting adjusted after printing for the manufacture of point-of-sale materials
Laser cutting of materials for signage
Laser cutting of materials for signage
Cutting of metal signs

Client needs

The point of purchase (POP) displays is a value-added solution for many retail outlets. Most last-minute purchases are made from strategically placed displays. Those displays only work if they are made from quality material with the assistance of premium equipment. Whether it is selling jewelry, perfume or cell phones POP displays help create last minute sales that would not have been captured otherwise.


Sign engraving can have a large effect on sales as well as POP displays. A simple brass restaurant sign can add a higher level of class and luxury to any establishment. 

For more than 75 years, Gravograph has been working for the sign market and communications development area in general.  It is our honor to help you with any of your signage needs and help your business grow and acquire more customers.

A constantly evolving market

Signage market always on the move. Between safety regulations and ever-changing visual standards, you have a lot to consider for your customer's (or yours!) signage and POP display needs. So how can we help you?

  • we offer display stands
  • we provide plastic and metallic materials for signs and POP
  • letter cutting? not a problem! We have fantastic machines to do that quickly and cost-efficiently. CO2 laser technology is an amazing tool for cutting and working with mixed media. Available in 80W to 150W powers, our lasers are perfect for a high volume production industrial environment and for any small sign shop as well.
  • Print and Cut? We can take care of that! Create great looking, durable signs and murals for any application!

Our engraving solutions allow you to produce custom projects, with unparalleled precision and quality. Stay ahead of the engraving curve! Call us today: 1-800-843-7637.

Solution proposed

Gravograph provides a full range of engraving and cutting solutions (rotary and laser technology), accessories, engraving materials, and supplies. We also offer customized services (cutting, Print & Cut, custom material production) to help you to increase your sales and productivity. We are here to help with any challenge you may face with your signage project.

Why are we better?

  1. Gravograph by Gravotech is a one-stop-shop for all your engraving needs.
  2. Functionalities and tools specifically developed for your applications: the design has different levels of software for expressing your creativity, equipment platforms and accessories (spindles and securing mechanisms for machining, a range of different powers for lasers), - a whole range of material for performing your tasks.

Robust and innovative solutions giving you opportunities for new revenue streams and even more flexibility. For example, the Series 1000 incorporates mechanical engraving tables that offer versatility and other benefits.

Client benefits

When your sign is not just a sign.

Creating signage for any business is by no means an insignificant job. It's not only an absolutely essential informational tool, but also a marketing opportunity to put any business above the competition. In this respect signs and signage must be impeccable.  

In addition, ADA (American with Disabilities Act) legislation enforces certain accessibility standards for signage in public places. This requires usage of tactile signs and Braille for visually impaired.

As a major market leader for decades, Gravograph by Gravotech has designed comprehensive ranges of products to meet any needs of sign makers.

Offering stock or custom solutions: we adapt to suit you and not the other way around.

  • Consistent quality regardless of frequency of use (as long as machine is properly maintained - please refer to your user manual)
  • Our engraving and marking solutions are extremely reliable and will last longer than any competitor's product.
  • Engraving material for any signage needs
  • Ability to engrave materials of up to 1 inch (25mm) thick
  • Design software developed specifically for you: Gravostyle™ allows you to control all your engraving and laser parameters easily.


Gravostyle software offers all types of functionalities for designing shapes for displays as well as cutting them on a laser or CNC machine without having to modify the work designed on the computer. 

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