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Metal engraving with laser and CNC machine

Identification marking on flat key
Identification marking on flat key
Braille solution, unique to Gravograph
Braille solution, unique to Gravograph
Engraving of metal lighters
Engraving of metal lighters
Cutting and engraving of front panels
Cutting and engraving of front panels
Identification of mechanical metal parts
Identification of mechanical metal parts
Engraving of metal containers
Engraving of metal containers
Engraving on professional brass plate
Engraving on professional brass plate
Identification marking on flat key
LS900 Fibre
Gravolive gravure de pièces - LS900 Fibre
Gravolive face avant en alu inodisé - IS7000XP

Client needs

Do you manufacture or machine metal parts  and are you looking for a solution to engrave and permanently mark  your products? Do you create metal labels or other metal signage products?

Do you manufacture metal giftware and jewelry?

Two technologies are available for an optimal result: laser engraving and rotary engraving?.

These marking processes produce excellent results both for engraving and soft metal such as aluminum or brass, and for marking very hard alloys such as steel, stainless steel or iron. Precious metals can also be engraved.

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Examples of metal engraving applications:

  • engraving of aluminum, stainless steel and brass ...
  • manufacture of signage - both internal and external, small and large
  • engraving of door plates

usinage face-avant

Part marking 

  • Identification, coding of rotary parts , components
  • Data matrix codes for quality assurance purposes
  • Engraving of tools and equipment

codage outillage mécanique


  • Engraving jewelry, watch cases, cutlery, tableware, trophies ...
  • Engraving of promotional products

Gravure plat argenterie

Solution proposed

With Gravograph, you benefit from the know-how of a manufacturer with expertise in all engraving and cutting technologies. 

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Client benefits

Laser gold Rotary engraving: which system should I choose for engraving metal? 

Our engraving experts can advise you to find the best solution. Do not hesitate to contact us

  • Choose your equipment according to the engraving depth: surface or deep? 
    A laser engraving machine will allow you to obtain a shallow cut gold surface mark. 
    A rotary engraving machine makes it possible to engrave the metal more deeply, your engraving will be more durable over time. 
  • Choose your equipment according to the type of work carried out:
    A CNC engraver is more versatile because it allows you to engrave, cut and drill metal. It is also able to engrave text, geometric shapes and vectorized logos.
    A laser engraver makes it possible to produce more complex engravings such as logos, high-resolution photos, QR Codes, UDI, barcode, and images without the need to vectorize them. Less digital preparation is required with laser systems. However, you will not be able to cut this drill with this technology.
  • Choose according to the time available for the app:
    If you want to Produce your engravings Quickly, opt for laser technology. 
  • Why choose engraving instead of metal printing, silkscreen or inkjet?
    Regardless of the engraving technology chosen (rotary or laser), the vast advantage of these systems is the ability to produce engravings instantly, either individually or in large quantities.  

Why choose a Gravograph solution?

  • Choose a world expert in engraving solutions

    With over 70 years of experience in the world of engraving, Gravograph covers the whole spectrum and provides the whole solution, machinery and software, technical assistance, metal and plastic engraving materials, engraving tools, consumables etc.

  • Equipment designed for engravers, by engravers

       The user friendliness of Gravograph is their strength! Everything has been considered to be easier and more efficient, from the programming machine to positioning the work to be engraved.

  • Give yourself the choice of engraving technology

      Gravograph is the only manufacturer to offer the full choice of engraving technology; rotary and laser. Our expert engraving consultants will guide you to the optimal technology.

  • Gravograph high quality standards

      The Gravograph is here in our manufacturing facilities. Indeed, Gravograph cultivates the skills and knowledge to supply machines of the highest quality and finish level. With Gravograph, you can rest assured that your equipment has been built to last.

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Metal engraving with laser and CNC machine

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