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Permanent marking on parts

Laser parts marking: numbers, barcodes etc.
Laser parts marking: numbers, bar codes etc.
Parts identification with engraving
Parts identification with engraving
Pipe identification labels
Pipe identification labels
Laser engraving of labels in short or medium runs thanks to the Matrix functionality
Laser engraving of labels in short or medium runs thanks to the Matrix functionality
Identification by engraving on labels
Identification by engraving on labels
Laser parts marking: numbers, bar codes etc.

Client needs

Manufacturers need to mark their parts with identifying information. This information can include a serial number, a logo, model number, barcode, DataMartix™ code and more. This identification allows for proper traceability and branding on all products.

There are other labeling options but these often are removed or altered over time. Direct Part Marking is one of the few truly permanent marking options.

Gravograph manufactures two popular technologies for Direct Part Marking - Laser and Rotary/Mechanical machines. Depending on your material and application, a Gravograph expert can help you decide which is best for you and your company.

All types of part marking for identification and traceability.

Today the majority of sectors need to identify and trace their parts. Gravograph works closely with manufacturers to identify objects such as guns, tools, machine parts, etc..

Serial numbers, manufacturing references, manufacturers logos and customer identification numbers - these are just some of the most widely used items to engrave on industrial objects.

There are many types of parts that require marking: mechanical components, electrical and engineering components, wrapping and safety parts, etc.

Application examples

  • Engraving on labels, tokens, marking plates, from small series to mass manufacturing. 
  • The unlimited industrial applications like electrical harness plates, on-off button manufacturing, pipeline flow identification, making company nameplates. 
  • Identification plates can be made from metal or plastic based on the needs and requirements of your environment.

Solution proposed

Gravograph provides solutions designed for coding, marking and identifying your parts.

Our range includes many solutions and makes use of a variety of different technologies (fiber laser, CO² laser, mechanical engraving). No matter what your applications and parts are, trust our experts to find the best engraving/marking solution for you. 

Laser technology is often used for codes marking. Our laser marking systems produce and apply high-quality codes regardless of engraving conditions. But laser technology isn't the only solution worth considering. Mechanical (Rotary) engraving technology, allows you to perform deep and long-lasting marking a large range of materials. It will stand the test of time and won't ever fade away. Your choice depends on your application, and Gravograph by Gravotech will help you to make the best decision.

When it comes to making your decision, consider these criteria:

  • Mechanical engraving solutions: robust, economical and efficient
  • Laser solutions: quick, efficient and adaptable
  • Unique Gravostyle software: user-friendly and full of possibilities 

Our mechanical solutions

  • They are available in a wide range of formats up to  24"x 48", allowing you to combine identification and other engraving jobs
  • Mechanical units are better suited to deep and accurate marking and have a wide range of applications
  • It allows you to mark parts in bulk

Our laser solutions

Our CO² lasers:

  • They are versatile and easy-to-use with standard marking fields up to 60 x 120 cm
  • They engrave directly onto organic materials (wood, leather, stone, cardboard, etc.), laserable plastics and coated metals (stainless aluminum, etc.) 
  • The CO2 laser offers the possibility to mark on plastics and any type of material.
  • Gravograph machines are stand-alone, they can be placed in production workshops in a single position or in such a way as to carry out marking in masked time. 

Our Yag and Fiber lasers:

  • They are robust systems capable of marking directly on different metals and plastics
  • They benefit from a marking surface up to 60 x 60cm, which is ideal for marking in bulk
  • They are able to mark several elements of one same part, particularly series numbers

Our unique software: Gravostyle


  • Available in multiple levels of functionality, Gravostyle™ rationalizes the identification process. It manages and optimizes your work regardless of your application, from the most simple alphanumerical text string to barcodes, UID, DataMatrix, logos, series numbers, and even more complex layouts. Regardless of your application, Gravostyle™ provides a carefully thought out response with professional and specific functions and support.
  • The driver software allows you to configure the machines in such a way that it is simple for the user to start operating the machine.

Client benefits

With all the different mechanical and laser platforms, the Gravograph machine range is perfect for any industrial identification and traceability marking.

The CO2 laser offers the possibility of precise marking on plastics, while Fiber lasers allow you to mark directly on metal like aluminum or stainless steel. Traditional Mechanical/Rotary engraving is very universal and virtually has no limits material wise.


Gravograph machines are stand-alone, they can be placed in production workshops in a single position or in such a way as to carry out marking in masked time.

  • Avantages
    • Robust Galvanometer and Gantry systems capable of marking directly on different metals and plastics
    • A marking surface up to 60 x 60cm,
    • Capable of marking elements of one same part
    • Applications: hydraulic couplings, strips of labels, sling labels, active ingredient labels, descriptive labels for plastic and metal parts.


 Gravostyle™ software allows you to engrave series of information that automatically adjust to suit the requirements of user companies.


Choosing Gravograph is choosing quality, know-how, experience in our domain and the guarantee that our service places our customers' satisfaction at the very top of our priority list.

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