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Engraving, cutting and milling equipment for fabrication labs and training centers
Engraving, cutting and milling equipment for fabrication labs and training centers
Education-specific solutions: licenses, machines, consumables etc.
Education-specific solutions: licenses, machines, consumables etc.
Engraving, cutting and milling equipment for fabrication labs and training centers

Client needs

Learning is one of the keys to success, regardless of your job. At Gravograph, education takes a prominent place, not only because we create and sell solutions to suit market needs; but also because without these tools for learning and development, our customers would not move forward.

We strive to deliver creative, efficient, and economical solutions. No matter what your subject of study, training, job or where your training center is based, your tools will be used on a daily basis.


Fablabs: a new source of progress

Throughout the entire world, there are establishments providing technical training that need production machines so they can roll out the practical element of theory lessons.


Fablabs, a product of the university world, make means of producing and manufacturing unique prototypes available to a larger audience of creative people. Gravograph mechanical, laser and software technology is fully consistent with this resolutely modern approach with its reliable, easy-to-learn, versatile solutions. They ensure the most inventive creations become viable.

Selected criteria, aiming for excellence!

We make machines and software available to you. They are: 

  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Powerful
  • Ergonomic
  • Adapted and adaptable
  • High quality and robust
  • Les questions auxquelles répondre pour trouver votre solution
    1. What is your application ?
    2. What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of the objects you wish to engrave or manufacture?
    3. What material are your objects made from?
    4. How often do you use this piece of equipment? 


Crucial questions for determining your needs and meeting them.

Equipment that respects the rules and regulations

Are you aiming to reach a non-specialised public? For safety reasons and in the interest of user safety, Gravograph knows exactly how to reach student users (non-professionals), providing safe solutions, respecting the most recent international regulations and standards to provide a real discovery, a learning experience in the very best circumstances possible. 

Solution proposed

 No matter how you respond to the questions below, Gravograph can adapt to suit your needs and provide you with solutions.

An overview of our solutions range:

  • The M series engraving machines: mechanical engraving, which is practical and economical replacing manual systems to their advantage
  • The IS series 100 and 1000 ranges: mechanical engraving for modular engraving and cutting of small to bulky and large objects.
  • The Energy series range: to combine affordable and economical engraving and high quality
  • The LS series 100 and 1000 ranges: for working on small to very large items, using CO² laser technology
  • The Fibre laser range: for fast and fine engraving 
  • or the Fibre laser engraving stations range 


With their mechanical micromachining and laser technologies for engraving and cutting, the Gravograph ranges fulfil the requirements imposed by the educational world, stating that they must be versatile, safe and educational.

With Gravograph's comprehensive offer, trainee technicians have access to opportunities to cut, surface coat, trim and engrave a whole host of materials made of wood, metal, plastic or organic materials.


Would you like to develop new skills at your school or training centre?

Contact our experts who will point you in the right direction! 

Client benefits

To encourage learning, there are some educational tools that are more suitable than others. Gravograph solutions, equipment and machines are easy to use and understand. They must fulfill the criteria below.

This same obligation applies to your own job, whether you're a skilled worker, manufacturer or craftsman!

Discover the best of Gravograph

  • Silent systems 
  • Compact systems like the M series or one of an industrial nature like LS1000XP.
  • High-quality equipment, which is robust, manufactured and assembled by us, on our production platforms.
  • Systems capable of engraving or cutting a huge choice of materials (plastics, metal, glass and wood, etc.).
  • Laser or rotary systems, this software is designed to create projects and control your machines.
  • Systems suited to a large variety of applications: signs, labels, badges, plates, gift items and manufacturing parts. 
  • Materials, accessories and consumables optimized for your Gravograph equipment.

Gravograph solutions enable you to perform technical exercises, produce prototypes and design and produce household objects. 

Find out more about our Markets and Applications on our specific pages.

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