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GSA Consumables

GSA Consumables


Engraving Materials, Badges Signs, Supplies and Hardware for GSA buyers and contractors.


Premium engraving materials and supplies for GSA customers.

Gravograph takes great pride in providing engraving machines and products to our friends of the US Government. With the vast number of products, technology options and applications for engraving, the process of selecting the equipment and supplies can be difficult.


Gravograph products are made with the utmost care to ensure their quality and longevity. We have summarized the most popular GSA engraving products to help you make your next project top-notch! If you have product questions, please contact us at 800-843-7637 or send an email to us at


Name tags are lost, stolen, broken, and usually anywhere but on someone's uniform! Gravograph manufactures " ready-made name badges " for the Navy, Air Force, Army and Marine Corps. Simply purchase a pack of badges, engrave and you're done!


For the uniform supplier, your name is badges upfront costs. Gravograph also supplies all the necessary materials to build your own badges from scratch. Items such as: gsa-supplies

Creating your own signage is another benefit to your own engraving machine. Create room signs, OSHA signs panels, OSHA signs and more. Easily create a two-color sign in a simple step using these materials:

Durablack ( 71922 ) is a preferred material among governments and organizations due to its versatility and abrasion resistance. Perfect for providing a highly contrasted laser mark for applications like DataMatrix ™, linear and IUID codes, graphics and logos on tags, labels and rating plates. durablackgsa


Gravograph offers custom fabricated materials (sheets, tags, blanks & name badges) in a wide range of colors, thicknesses, finishing and attaching options. Contact your Gravograph representative for more information.


As a government facility, you are required to comply with ADA guidelines for internal and external signage. To create these precise signs, you need to equip yourself with the proper materials. Gravograph can provide a simple kit to get you started, or resupply your current stock to keep you compliant!

ADA Supplies from Gravograph include:


Signs and name badges are not the only product of your engraving machine can easily create. With the wide range of applications, you can make your own engraver




For more information on how to increase your application and productivity, contact Gravograph.

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