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Safety signage

Safety signage for areas with major constraints
Safety signage
Safety signage for emergency exits
Safety signage for emergency exits
Americans with Disabilities Act signage
Signage for disabled and ADA compliant signage
Guidelines signage: reminder of rules in force and the need for vigilance
Guidelines Signage
Safety signage for access to hazardous areas
Safety signage for access to hazardous areas
Safety signage: information on limits of use
Safety signage: information on limits of use
Safety signage

Client needs

Think safety!

Safety signage is more than just visually appealing, it can save someone’s life. Because of this critical importance, it is necessary to ensure the longevity of each sign. Colors need to remain bright and vibrant and the material needs rigid and holds its shape. Gravograph materials are manufactured around these two key features. Whether you are making indoor or outdoor safety signs, Gravograph can make your signs last.


Need a sign for a dark location with no power? No problem! By using Gravoply Ultraglow you can fabricate your safety signage out of glow-in-the-dark material. No need for batteries or lightbulbs that require constant changing.


Plaque d'identification locaux techniques
Avertissements et prévention
Instructions de fonctionnement d'appareils
Synoptiques d'informations et plans techniques
Technical area identification labels Warning and prevention Device operation instructions Information summaries and technical plans 

Businesses, private organizations, and buildings open to the public are always required to display technical and safety signage. 

Safety requirements

Signalétique pouvant être lue dans la pénombre
Permanente et ineffaçable
Signage readable in the dark Permanent and indelible

Colors, contrast, and materials

Mechanical engraving and laser marking can meet these obligations in particular.  

Within the framework of technical and safety signage, the symbols and indications, like the colors of the signs, correspond to certain regulations and standards

  • red for fire control, prohibition signs, and danger alerts 
  • yellow or yellow-orange for warning signs
  • blue for mandatory action signs 
  • green for rescue and security situation signs

Solution proposed

Need to create safety signs? Look no further. 

We provide premium quality robust engraving materials (both plastic and metallic): 

  • Plate engraving machines are stand-alone pieces of equipment found in production environments, technical service workshops, and design consultancies. Completely secure, these solutions are used without any specific restrictions.
  • The control software suite is always the same regardless of the technology and version of equipment used, which offers huge opportunities for development. 
  • A large range of engraving materials for indoor and outdoor use in even the most restrictive environments

Client benefits

Discover some of the main advantages our custom-tailored engraving solutions for your facility

  • Silent engraving systems for indoor and outdoor signage.
  • Fast production that allows you to efficiently create signage for any building, large or small.
  • We offer custom engraving material production. Pick any color, any size, any thickness - we will gladly make it for you.
  • With hundreds of products in stock, Gravograph offers you a large choice of materials

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Safety signage

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