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Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have any questions? Call 800-843-7637 or email

Is Financing Available?

Yes, call 800.843.7637 for more details.

Does your product comply with the new EEC Regulations?

Yes, all capital equipment meets CE Safety Regulations.

Are Service Contracts available?

Yes. Call 1-800-843-7637 or email

Can I have a demonstration on site / on my premises?

Yes, we are happy to arrange for your local technician to arrange for a showroom. Simply contact us .

Can I interface with my CAD System?

Yes, the Gravograph range of PC CAD software.

Can I engrave metals?

Yes, our considerable range of machinery, spindles and cutters ensures a solution to your applications, including stainless steel.

Can I scan logos?

Yes, various software options will provide the solution to the graphic requirement.

Can I share my existing engraving machine?

Yes, irrespective of model or age of any manufacturer, we are asking you to quote your requirements.

Is your product difficult to learn?

No, full installation and training is available with every model.

Can I engrave cylindrical and flat objects on one machine?

Yes, we have number of our machines.

Do you sell second hand machines?

No, but we have Certified Pre-Owned machines available. Click here

What can Gravotech Technical Support do for me?

What do I do?

Just call the technical support center, 1.800.843.7637 choose option 4, or email

I have a question about my warranty

1.800.843.7637 or email

I have a question about my service invoice.

Call 1.800.843.7637.

I have a question about returning parts.

Call 1.800.843.7637.

Can I get on site service in Canada?

Absolutely, please call 1.800.843.7637.

Can I get help with Spanish speaking technicians?

Yes, we can communicate in Spanish on a technical level.

Where can I fax my request for service?

Fax: 1.770.495.3676