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Gravograph support service and applications

Equipment support

Do you have engraving questions, problems or concerns? Call Gravograph's phone Tech Support Services (800) 843-7637. This quick and easy solution source is fully staffed 5 days a week with extended hours to cover your workday.

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Warranty and Service Protection Plans

Ensure you have your new machine registered with our warranty department. 

Four multi-level service agreements are available to optimize your engraving investment.

Gravograph Protection Plans - Why?

Retail - If you are a Retail engraver your engraving equipment is your main source of income. When your machine is down, you lose money.

With a Gravograph Protection Plan you will be making money again quickly with no additional cost to you (depending on the plan you choose).

Industrial - Industrial engravers depend on their equipment to keep the product going out the door. A down machine can cost your company money in delayed shipments and lost man hours. You can get your line running again quickly with a Gravograph Protection Plan saving you unwanted costs. You save time as well since you do the paperwork one time and you are covered for every event that occurs in a year. No forms to fill out or purchase orders to get when you are under a protection plan.

Government - One word: paperwork. And there is a lot of it to fill out when your engraving equipment fails. If you sign-up for a protection plan you only make one request and you have no worries the rest of the year. Just call and a technician will come to your location. We also offer multiple year discounts if want worry free protection for a longer period of time. Gravograph's plans are a promise to you, as a manufacturer, to stand behind our product. It is a statement about the integrity of our product and about our commitment to correct problems if your product should experience problems. Our commitment is to provide our Customers with the best quality product at the lowest total cost.


The key word at Gravograph is 'closeness'. Present in many countries across the globe thanks to our touring "demobus", demonstrations are performed before your very eyes and with your own templates. Thus, our experts will be able to give you a detailed introduction to marking, engraving, cutting and machining solutions based on your needs.

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Ensure that your objectives are feasible and reached by putting your trust in our template teams. Their job is to find the materials, technology and variables needed to ensure your project is a success.

Manufacuring service on request

Save valuable production time by trusting Gravograph with the production of your engraving materials. We manufacture based on your needs: badges, keyrings, pet name tags, ornamental plates, electrical labels, industry panels, name plates and safety labels. 

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