Color charts with samples

An essential tool to help you choose your perfect engraving material.

Color charts with samples - Mobile version
Color charts with samples - Mobile version
Color chart with samples - Classy version
Color chart with samples - Classy version
Color charts with samples - Mobile version
  • Details

    There are two variants

    • Nomad version: plastic-covered leaflets showing each range
    • Classic version: binder showing each range using genuine samples, applications, advantages, specifications and capacities + Flyers (pages from the Classy version that are available individually)


    Nomad version

    Colour charts with samples - Mobile version

    • Laser/mechanical plastic materials: reference 71932
    • Mechanical plastic materials: reference 71931
    • Laser/mechanical metal materials: reference 71933


    Classic version

    Color chart with samples - Desktop

    Contains all of the laser/mechanical and mechanical plastic materials and laser/mechanical metal materials: reference 71930



    The pages from the Classic version are available individually in the form of flyers.

    Here are the references for each flyer depending on the material for engraving: 

    Gravoply™ Laser 71943
    Gravoply™ Ultra p.1+2 71944
    Gravoply™ 2 71945
    Gravoglas™ 1 71946
    Acrylic 71947
    Gravotac™ Exterior 71948
    Flexilase™ 71949
    Gravostrat™ 71950
    Rubbalase™ 71951
    Gravoply™ 1 p.1+2+3 71952
    Gravofoil™ / Gravoply™ 3C 71953
    Gravoglas™ 2Plex™ Surface p.1+2 71954
    Gravoglas™ 2Plex™ Subsurface p.1+2 71955
    Gravotac™ 71956
    Gravolase™ Metallics 71957
    Metallex™ 71958
    Gravostral™ 71959
    Gravoxal™ 71960
    Gravoxal™ Premium 71961
    Gravoxal™ (US) 71965
    Gravobrass™ / Gravometall™ 71962
    Coloured Aluminium / Trophy Brass / Coloured Steel 71963
    AlumaMark™ / DuraBlack™ 71964

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