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Gravograph has been in the signage industry for over 70 years.

We offer a full line of routing engravers and laser systems, accessories, engraving materials, badge hardware, frame systems and supplies and fabrication services to help you increase sales and productivity. Large table milling and cutting machines with ADA Braille accessory; engraving materials such as GravoTac™, a specially-designed two-layers material for outstanding tactile signs creations; professional engraving CAD/CAM software GravoStyleTM for engravers and lasers features easy-to-follow project wizards, Braille automation and also offering 3D design and routing to meet your signage needs.

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Is Xtra productivity your daily goal?

The Gravograph laser offer speed, up to 156"/second!

Efficient larger laser systems, the LS900XP gantry has an engraving area up to 24”x24”x9.8”, more z axis depth and more power for more productivity. Gravograph lasers are Ideal for decorating and cutting acrylic, plastics, laminates, wood, fabric and most composites.  Anodized or colored metals, ceramics and glass are easily decorated with lasers.  Detailed cutting for light can lenses, architectural models, stencils and inlays can easily be accomplished with a laser.

To learn more, view our laser range of machines including CO2, YAG, and Fiber, Galvo and Gantry.

New revenue opportunities and flexibility in production

The large table series of our routing engravers offer versatility & profit.

Our Standard or XP IS8000 systems are legendary for strength and durability with accessories for routing, cutting and engraving.  Ideal for a wide range of production, from ADA signage, sign face cutouts to high volume name badge, desk plates and industrial rating plates.  Just one large signage job can easily justify a machine purchase and expand your revenue opportunities. 

To learn more, check our rotary systems for your industry.

The best engraving materials for your signage needs.

Create the perfect ADA Braille signage using our fully automatic Raster Braille System.

Producing ADA signage in house with the Raster™ method for Braille is easy, secure, effective, and 100% compliant with the latest ADAAG and ANSI regulations and standards.  Gravotac™ material creates raised letter signage compliant with Braille ADA regulations. Gravotac™ interior and exterior materials machine faster, cleaner and are easier to weed in comparison to alternative products available.  Gravotac™ Exterior may be processed with a rotary or laser machine.   Click to watch an ADA compliant sign being produced.

Need resources to get started? We offer signage and industrial sample kits to assist you with the selling process and the “How to create Great-Looking Interior Signage” resource manual.  The manual provides tips and information on regulations, laws, sign fabrication, Raster Braille licensing requirements, marketing, installation and bid documentation.    

To view what is available, click here for our engraving materials eCatalog.

Have a tricky application question?  Call our technical support team for an obligation-free consultation.

See our router systems perform sign making via the video above.

Why Gravograph

  • Precision Equipment
  • On-Site Warranty
  • Training Available
  • Applications Lab
  • 800 line for Tech Support
  • Global Business Partner
  • Customization Services
  • Software Integration
  • Setting industry standards for 70 years.


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