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Increase Production. Lower Costs.
Meet the demands of your industry.

With a Gravograph engraving system, you are in control of identification standards and shipping deadlines.  Whether your business is oil, gas, air, water, mining or solar, or you serve these industries, our systems increase production quality while lowering your costs, guaranteed.

We are your single source for CNC based markers, engravers, laser systems, materials and marking accessories and supplies.   

Consider your application. See our solutions.

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Robust solutions meet the demands of your industry.

Gravograph rotary engraving systems give you the ability to mark on virtually any material and any shape or size part. Flexible engraving systems make marking parts, plates, tags or machinery labels a snap. Flat tables and vices coupled with our Point and Shoot capability makes the difficult task simple. Compound curves are no problem.

Consider the large, industrial strength IS7/8000. A durable engraver, capable of marking up to a 24” x 48”. This unit is designed to effortlessly engrave a wide variety of materials:  plastics, coated metals, stainless steel, aluminum and some specialty metals.

Laser engraving systems built to withstand rigorous use.

Fast times, consistent quality. Marking areas that range up to 2 feet square.  Depending on what you need to engrave (control panels, parts, signage, tags, labels)  a Gravograph laser system — CO2, Fiber, YAG  — will get it done.

Signage. It's the way to clear choices.

On a rig, at a plant, and along the line, good signage protects the team and keeps progress flowing. From small indicator signs to large way finding directories, Gravograph has the system for you.

Need tags and plates? We got the accessory.

We have an APF for rotary and laser engraving systems. Simple hardware and plug and play features makes for easy installation.  This lightweight APF can hold from 195 up to 312 plates, depending on material thickness.  Plates and tags can range in size and shape up to  4.7" x 3.9".  

You need tags, plates and signage materials?
We can be your one source.

Ask for it. Gravograph offers more than engraving systems. We provide customized tag and plates (metal and plastic); and reflective, flexible, heat resistant, indoor and outdoor weather resistant engravable materials.

For over 70 years Gravograph has led the direct part marking industry with global sales, service and training. Wherever you are, we are there for you. Call today! Our applications specialist are available to help qualify the best solution for your needs.

Video on APF and Data Matrix. Visit SodZgyqc&context=C3a38ce5ADOEgsToPDskLq4KV1BJ8_rTtY2nSUHDJM to check out video.

Click the link above to see Gravograph machinery create Way Finding Signs.

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