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Increase productivity & traceability with a full service partner, CO2, YAG & Fiber Lasers and Traditional Marking Systems

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Increase productivity & traceability with a full service partner, CO2, YAG & Fiber Lasers and Traditional Marking Systems

Traceability and accountability are critical aspects of manufacturing within the aerospace industry. That is why our quality engraving and part-making machines produce marks that comply with multiple industry standards, including ATA SPEC2000, BAC, SAE, NASA, UID, IUID, JES and Mil-130, among others.

Gravograph offers standard solutions with options like cylinder indexing and automatic plate feeding, as well as integrated, customized solutions for more challenging applications.

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Rating plates, parts, barcodes and signage

CO2 laser systems.

Versatile and easy to use machine with standard marking fields up to 24" x 24" and z clearences to 9.8".

Capable of direct engraving on laserable plastics, coated metals, anodized aluminum and uncoated metals with a marking compound.

Applications such as tags, legend plates, asset tags, control panels,and parts marked with text, logos, barcodes and UID marks.

To learn more, view our CO2 laser systems.

Direct part marking on metal parts

YAG/Fiber laser systems.

Robust Galvo and Gantry systems capable of marking directly on various metals and plastics.

Marking area of up to 12" x 24". Capable of marking multiple items in a fixture, rating tags and individual parts.

Applications range from hydraulic fittings, band tags, wire rope, sling tags, asset tags, legend plates to plastic and metal parts.

To learn more, view our YAG/Fiber laser systems.

Deep routing, marking and machining on metal, plastics & most materials

Engraving systems.

Rotary Engravers are available in a wide range of standard sizes ranging from 4" x 4" to 24" x 48" marking windows.

Rotary units are best suited for deeper marking, detailed marking, marking large items and multiple items in a single batch.

Applications range from legend plates, control panels and certification tags to meters, pumps, hoses, tools and parts.

To learn more, view our rotary systems.

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Video on APF and Data Matrix. Visit SodZgyqc&context=C3a38ce5ADOEgsToPDskLq4KV1BJ8_rTtY2nSUHDJM to check out video.

Click the link above to see the Automatic Plate Feeder in action.

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