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GravoStyle Engraving Software
GravoStyle7 - LaserStyle7 - Laser engraving software

LaserStyle7 - Laser Engraving Software

Delivered as standard with Gravograph CO2, YAG et FIBRE laser machines.

Dedicated software for laser engraving

  • Point & ShootPoint & Shoot
    This function enables you to record positioning information from the machine with a red pointer and transfer it automatically to the software.

  • Calibration and PreviewCalibration and Preview
    An easy and intuitive way to define your own engraving parameters.

  • Engraving parameters saved with the composition
    Save your complex jobs together with the engraving speed and other important information. You will then be able to run your jobs again as many times as you want without having to re-enter the lasering parameters.

  • Direct link with Corel Draw™
    From Corel Draw™, discover the power of LaserStyle, dedicated lasering software.

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Productivity-oriented software

  • Advanced duplication function (Matrix)Advanced duplication function (Matrix)
    This engraving duplication function means that you can manage variable numbers and texts, from a list of customers for instance.

  • Nesting
    With nesting, LaserStyle proceeds to the automatic and optimized positioning of shapes to be cut out to minimize material waste.

  • Advanced duplication function (Matrix)Stamp wizard
    This wizard helps you create stamps easily, even the most complex ones, without unnecessary material engraving. The integrated nesting function allows the optimization of their positioning to minimize material waste.

  • Barcode wizard option
    With this software, even industrial barcode applications become easy.

Easy-to-use software

  • Default parameters Default parameters
    Engraving parameters corresponding to a specific material can be called up for each engraving job.

  • EDP™ : Engraving Database of Parameters
    Standard engraving parameters suggested to you.

  • Photolase Photolase
    A selection of parameters that help you achieve quality photo engraving easily.

  • Automatic text centering
    A very useful function, especially when realizing identification plates, trophies or badges.

  • Laser color managementLaser color management
    With this toolbar, you can designate a color and assign specific laser engraving properties to different design elements: raster...vector...cutting...line...filled in or not filled in ...and more.

• Laser engraving made easy for you.
• Increase your possibilities.

A unique software for different engraving technologies

Are you looking for a software for laser technology only?
All icons and functions are solely for laser engraving.
No unnecessary "clicks and functions" like with other software.

Do you use rotary and laser machines?Do you use rotary and laser machines?
As an option, you can switch the software to rotary engraving mode in a single click. A composition can either be sent to rotary or laser engraving. For you, this means you can work with one same software for both engraving technologies.

Are you using rotary machines and wanting to master laser technology?
No need to learn how to use a new software. Switching from one technology to the other is made simple for you.

Experience and service

Gravograph is always close to its customers, offering them services for installation, training and technical support realized by technical teams internal to the company.

LaserStyle software
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pdf GravoStyle7, The Unique Software for Laser & Rotary Engraving Machines The Unique Software for Laser & Rotary Engraving Machines
NewCompare Levels to learn which engraving software is right for your engraving needs.

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LaserStyle Calibration Wizard

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Check out our Laser machine selection chart.
Want to see the Laser applications?
NewDo you know your Presets Lasers, for: LS100 and LS100Ex ?
Engraving area: LS100
18 x 12 in (460 x 305mm)
Engraving area: LS100Ex
24 x 12 in (610 x 305mm)
Engraving area: LS900
24 x 24 in (610 x 610mm)
Engraving area: LS900XP
24 x 24 in (610 x 610mm)
Engraving area

laser engraving machine

Laser systeme CO2 LS100 sLaser systeme CO2 LS100Ex
LS100 LS100Ex
Laser systeme CO2 LS900 Laser systeme CO2 LS900XP
LS900 LS900XP

Laser YAG
Laser YAG, the compact, high-speed solution
Laser system, Laser Fibre100/200 - A compact solution for personalization and UID compliant traceability
Windows XP - compatible Windows 7 - compatible Windows 7 compatible

Alternate Focal Length Options

Air Compressor for Air Assist
Honeycomb Cutting Table
Pin Cutting Table
Cylindrical Attachment - LS100Ex and LS900
Tilt Table for Cylindrical Attachment (LS100Ex & LS900)
Integrated Exhaust Module

Expertise and Advice
Gravograph supports its customers through installation training, 800-line technicians, i-Help, our interactive web tool, and factory trained field engineers. For additional training, we've created Engraver's Academy for those who need classes or would like to develop extra skills. Learn more in our Support Section.

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