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laser engraving systems

New CO2, YAG and FIBER laser engraving systems-ranging from tabletop lasers to heavy duty industrial laser systems for high production needs.
Laser Engraving Machines

New CO2, YAG and FIBER laser engraving machines from tabletop lasers to heavy duty industrial laser systems for high production needs.

CO2 Laser Engraving Systems

Laser Engraving Systems LS100

This versatile and rugged CO2 laser engraver, powered by a 30W laser source, has an 18" x 12" engraving area. With its innovative and compact design, it can be easily set-up in your shop, office or retail outlet.
Engraving area :
460 x 305 mm (18 x 12 in)

Laser Engraving Systems  LS900

The LS900 industrial strength floor-mounted laser engraver with its 24" x 24" engraving area is ideal for experienced users looking for mid to high production output from their laser engraving equipment needs...
Engraving area:
610 x 610 mm (24 x 24 in)

Laser Engraving Systems LS100Ex

A compact CO2 laser system with extended capabilities.
Ideal for engraving and cutting plastics, wood, acrylic, leather and rubber.
Engraving area :
610 x 305 mm (24 x 12 in)


Laser Engraving Systems  LS900XP

The LS900XP offers high industrial production capacities. Driven by servo motors to reach engraving speeds of up to 4meters/sec (156''/sec).
Engraving area:
24” x 24” x 9.8”
(610 x 610 x 250 mm

LS100 Energy
Laser Engraving Systems LS100 Energy

This compact CO 2 laser is ideal for stores and offices with plaque engraving and object personalization needs. Economical, its low running costs allow the immediate, on-site performance of such tasks.

Engraving area :
460 x 305 mm (18 x 12 in)

Laser Engraving Systems  LS900

New laser solution, large size cutting and engraving: productivity, power, capability. The LS1000XP comes standard with innovative functions aiming to reduce production times and increase usability. A range of 40 to 150 W CO2 laser sources for precision engraving jobs, even large cut out tasks for organic materials. Engraving area :
610 x 1220 mm (24 x 48 in)


YAG Laser Marking Systems

Laser Engraving Systems YAG - YAG200YAG200

The compact solution for speed marking on metal and plastics.
This galvo-type YAG laser marks directly on bare metal and marks plastic and coated metal at very high speed. With its Class 1 enclosure, compact design and low power consumption it can be installed virtually anywhere.


Fiber Laser Marking Systems

Laser Marking Systems - Fiber - Fibre100FIBER100

- High speed
- High definition
- High quality

The 10W Fiber100 provides contrast and finesse for personalisation applications. Their galvanometric system ensures high resolution marking at incomparable speeds.

Laser Marking Systems - Fiber - Fibre200FIBER200

- High speed
- High definition
- High quality

The 20W Fiber200 offers deeper marking in a quicker marking time. Their galvanometric system ensures high resolution marking at incomparable speeds.


Laser Engraving Systems FIBER - LS100Ex FIBER

Gravograph is launching a compact 20W FIBER laser gantry system. Specialist in marking wide range of metals, the LS100Ex FIBER engraves fine text, bar codes, technical symbols, logos and photos with a high contrast quality. Productivity guaranteed with a generous engraving area 610 x 305 mm (24 x 12 in.) for engraving series of small objects, large objects and matrices of plates.


Laser Engraving Systems FIBER - LS100Ex FIBER

Gravograph is launching a high resolution Fiber Laser beam and positioning system. This gives the laser both speed and finesse while not compromising on power or precision. The LS900 Fiber has a 24" x 24" engraving area combined with the 7.9" Z travel and X pass through enables the unit to process a wide range of part sizes from small name plates to large control panels.


Customer Testimonials

"It is unusual for a florist, but when word got out that we had a laser system on-site, it really helped grow our business. I would definitely recommend Gravograph's machines."

Owner, P. Harding at Muetzel Florist

"We purchased our store over 10 years ago; however, the previous owner used several Gravograph machines for over 40 years. We have since replaced those original machines with a Pantograph, two IS400, and a LS600XL. Our overall production is much greater due to the quickness of the new machines and the software allows for a more sophisticated layout of logos. I would certainly recommend Gravograph to others. They are leaders in the technology of engraving machines and they have a clear vision of future products."

Managing Partner, R. Swertfager at Dimuro Awards

Laser engraving systems
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Expertise and Advice
Gravograph supports its customers through installation training, 800-line technicians, i-Help, our interactive web tool, and factory trained field engineers. For additional training, we've created Engraver's Academy for those who need classes or would like to develop extra skills. Learn more in our Support Section.

UID Solution
UID SolutionThe Laser systems are the ideal solutions for marking permanent Unique Identification (UID) bar codes and 2D DataMatrix codes directly on part or to a non-removable tag.
If you want to know more about specific guidance related to UID requirements:
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