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Frames and Accessories / Metal Badge Frames & Magnets

Frames and Accessories / Metal Badge Frames & Magnets

Deluxe Metal Badge Frames
Similar to the above badge frames, but with slightly larger dimensions and upgraded finishes. The gold badges are actually 18K gold plated, and the silver badges are plated with stainless steel. And since they both have a solid steel core, magnets adhere directly to the body of the badge, with no need for a pressure sensitive steel plate. Sold with our without pin back fasteners. Both sizes offer round corners. Plain frames do not include fasteners and can be used with the magnetic clips sold below.

3-Line Deluxe Badge
Frame size: 1 5/8" x 2 15/16"
Insert size: 1 3/8" x 2 3/4"
1/8" radial corners

Plain Gold 899-301
Pin Back Gold 899-318
Plain Silver 899-303
Pin Back Silver 899-320

2-Line Deluxe Badge

Frame size: 1 1/8" x 3 1/8"
Insert size: 29/32" x 2 29/32" x 1/32"
1/8" radial corners

Plain Gold 899-300
Pin Back Gold 899-315
Clutch Back Gold 899-316
Plain Silver 899-302
Pin Back Silver 899-415
Clutch Back Sliver 899-416

Metal Badge Frames

Engrave before mounting in frames. Materials not included, frame only. Square corners:
Frame size: 11/16" x 2 11/16"
Insert size: 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1/32"

Goldtone w/Pin Back 899-311
Silvertone w/Pin Back 899-411
Goldtone w/Clutch Back 899-312
Silvertone w/Clutch Back 899-412

Magnetic Closures

The following items are listed in ascending order of magnetic strength.Color and Size

A. Round Magnetic Closure 987-339
B. Rectangular Magnetic Closure 987-340
C. Single Magnetic Clip 987-349
D. Double Magnetic Clip 987-348
E. Double Post Magnetic Clip 987-335
F. Triple Post Magnetic Clip 987-336
G. Economy Badge Magnet 987-331
H. Poly Badge Magnet 987-332
I. Mini Poly Badge Magnet 987-333
Frames and Accessories / Metal Badge Frames & Magnets

Badge Hardware
Pressure-Sensitive Hardware
We offer our best-selling and new hardware with pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. Simply peel back the liner and the adhesive bonds to the badge blankwithout chemical or heat fusing.

A. 1" Safety Pin 987-247
B. 1 1/2" Safety Pin 987-305
C. 2" Ribbon Bar 907-234
D. 2 3/4" Ribbon Bar 907-232
E. Brass Clutches 982-009
F. Badge Tack 907-227
G. Synthetic Clutch 982-311
H. Swivel Metal Bulldog Clip 987-308
I. 1 1/2" Clear Pin (Steel)
with ABS Base
J. 3/4" Alligator Clip Swivel
with ABS Base
K. Drapery Pin 987-302
L. Super Clip 987-341
M.1 1/2" White Safety Pin 987-224
Frames and Accessories / Metal Badge Frames & Magnets

Classic Badge Hardware
Hardware is nickel-plated brass and features clear plastic backing to make bonding quick and easy without GravoBond. Anti-tarnish finish protects fabric from discoloration. Choose the material color, ply and thickness for fabricating badge blanks.

A. 1 1/2" White Safety Pin 987-223
B. Safety Pin Import 987-220
C. Safety Pin USA (not shown) 987-221
D. Safety Pin for Phenolic only
with no Plastic Backing
(not shown)
E. 2" Plastic Ribbon Bar 907-233
F. 2 3/4" Plastic Ribbon Bar
(not shown)
G. Brass Clutches 982-009
H. Tacks 907-226
J. Synthetic Clutch 982-311
K. Metal Bulldog Clip for Badge
Blanks 1" or higher
L. Swivel Clip 987-235
M. Snap Clip 987-237
N. Pocket Clip on 907-239
O. Clear Acrylic Badge Holder 907-244
P. 1 1/2" Clear Pin (Steel)
with ABS Base

Badge Adapters

P Adapter w/Pearlized Snap
and Spring Clip
Q. Adapter w/Spring Clip 987-246
R. Badge Pin Clip Adapter 987-245
S. Spring Clip with 3 1/2"
Photo ID Strap
Frames and Accessories / Metal Badge Frames & Magnets


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