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Rotary engraving is the term used to describe engraving done with a rotating cutting tool in a motorized spindle. The tool, or cutter, cuts into the surface of the material to a predetermined depth and produces a groove of the same shape and dimension of the cutter. Rotary engraving can be performed on a wide variety of materials with plastic, brass, and aluminum being the most common in the awards industry.

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Rotary engraving can be done using the simplest pantographs to the most complex computerized engraving machines.

Common features can be found across the range of Gravograph Rotary Engraving machines. These features epitomize Gravograph’ dedication to quality, versatility, and ease-of-use with all our engraving machines.

Common Features of Gravograph Machines

top loading rotary engraving tools   
Top loading engraving tools: The easiest way to fit a tool in a machine. Enables accurate Z referencing, easy and fast tool change, pre-set tool adjustment (using cutter knobs). Also guarantees that the plate will not be damaged while setting the tool. Exceptions: bottom loading collet spindles.
self-centering vise on an engracing machine  
Self centering vice: To be sure items of any shape can be safely engraved without holding problem. All Gravograph-New Hermes machines have a self-centering vice, either supplied standard or optional.
lcd screen and interface  
LCD screen + interface: Practical, clear, easy-to-use. Machine operation made easy by Gravograph. Most models fitted with remote controls. Exceptions: M40V / M40G
independant rotary machine control box  
Independent control box: The machine electronics are safely protected from chips, dust, or lubricants. They can also be quickly exchanged without technical intervention on the machine (for upgrade, maintenance, or repair). Exceptions: Electronics is integrated into IS200 / M40
engraving machine spindle  
Heavy duty engraving spindle: This is the best machine spindle available today. Designed to tackle any king of engraving – 1) Toughest: quality build (stainless steel engraving or even cutting) 2) Delicate: integrated spring (jewelry engraving). Exceptions: IS200 / M40
compatible jigs  
Compatible jigs: Dozens of jigs are available, meeting all engraving requirements. They also fit on all machines – and the same applies to most accessories. This makes machine upgrading easier and multiple machine users can share accessories between their machines.
depth noses for rotary engravers  
Depth noses: With or without a chip extraction system, a very large selection of depth noses can be fitted on all machines, thus ensuring perfect and constant engraving depth.
mono-block frames  
Mono-block frames: All machines benefit from a cast uni-body frame, either aluminum or steel. This means no assembly and therefore no vibration. It also guarantees engraving quality.
cutting tools  
Cutting Tools: Gravograph offers a full complement of tools for every requirement: for plastic, phenolic, acrylic, metals. And, for every application: diamond drag or rotary, burnishing, beveling, routing and drilling. We offer a range of 1/8” and 11/64” and ¼” diameter shanks. Our tools are made from high speed stainless steel or micro-fine carbide for longer life.
research and development for Gravograph-New Hermes  
Research & Development: R&D is a central element to Gravograph, as the company focuses on supplying customers with top quality products. Did you know that Gravograph-New Hermes has two R&D centers and four fully owned distinct R&D departments?
low noise levels from rotary engraving machines  
Machine low noise level: Our machines are extremely quiet while in operation (approx. 80dB when engraving for all machines). This is achieved through the use of quality components and the implementation of quality engineering.

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